Silta is the DeFi bridge to a sustainable future.

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Silta provides on-chain collateral which enables ESG-conscious infrastructure developers to access liquidity in DeFi. This is how Silta introduces a new class of products to the DeFi space. With steady interest rates, investments in real-world infrastructure can bring balance to crypto traders’ portfolios and shield against crypto winters.

What Silta does


Carries out a due diligence process on collateral loan applications


Presents information about pre-qualified applications to the DAO and the lenders


Gauges the projects’ viability through the Silta scoring system


Assesses each project on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria


Empowers the Silta DAO to decide which projects are eligible for on-chain collateral


Facilitates a collateral loan agreement between the DAO and the borrower


Connects borrowers to third party DeFi loan pools


Provides staking pools where participants gain additional rewards on their investments

Silta is a technology solution which connects infrastructure developers with DeFi lending. Silta is not a fund or an investment vehicle, and it will not invest people’s money on their behalf.

What Silta offers

For the borrower

  1. Borrow on-chain collateral in SILTA
  2. Access a new line of credit across multiple DeFi protocols
  3. Standardised collateral loan agreement
  4. Faster and simpler due diligence process

For the Silta DAO

  1. Decide which infrastructure projects gain access to DeFi liquidity
  2. Give ESG-conscious projects an opportunity to get funded
  3. Help take crypto mainstream with real-world projects
  4. Bring a new class of asset-backed investment opportunities to crypto investors
  5. Make a positive difference in the world


Milestone 1Roebling

  • Token sale
  • Test and launch the governance platform
  • Launch Silta website
  • Product education
  • Community engagement, marketing and PR
  • Form partnerships with key stakeholders

Milestone 2Telford

  • Launch Silta dApp
  • Manually assess the Silta score for a loan application
  • Collateralize first loan with Silta tokens
  • Launch a loan pool on a third-party DeFi protocol
  • Build the borrower pipeline
  • Form partnerships with key stakeholders

Milestone 3Brunel

  • Automate the assessment of the Silta score
  • Test the rating process in a live project
  • Expand the platform with additional loan pools
  • Implement staking opportunities
  • Continue building the borrower pipeline
  • Continue adding relevant partnerships


Ben Sheppard

Ben Sheppard


Ben has founded companies in blockchain technology, PPP infrastructure law and civil engineering industries. With 12 years of experience in infrastructure development, he has led and structured major public-private finance transactions in excess of USD $9bn in multiple sectors and countries. He has also been a transaction advisor to governments, private companies and the World Bank. Ben has spent the last 5 years in the blockchain industry, first as part of the Streamr project and most recently as the MD of TX – Tomorrow Explored, a Web 3.0 consulting company.


Arthur Machado

Arthur Machado

Head of Growth

Arthur (Artie) has been involved in the Avalanche community since January 2021. He is the only known recipient of the Community Champion NFT awarded by Emin Gün Sirer, the founder of Avalanche, as well as the only recognised Avalanche Ambassador in Australia. Artie is also the co-founder of aalpha, a communal hub for Avalanche. He has assisted several partnerships within Avalanche and assisted several start-up projects find their feet within the ecosystem.

Strategic advisors

Beryl Chavez Li

Beryl Chavez Li

Strategic Advisor

Beryl is the co-founder of Yield Guild Games. Her previous experiences include founding asset token platform CapchainX; being Entrepreneur in Residence at, a crypto exchange and payments startup acquired by GoJEk; backtesting FX trading algorithms at BlackRock London; product owning an investment platform at Unionbank PH, where she is currently Advisor; and authoring the Philippine Roadmap for Digital Startups. Beryl's career started in early-stage Venture Capital in Shanghai in 2012, and she holds a Master of Finance degree from Cambridge University.


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